Modena Terzo Mondo (MTM) is an international volunteer aid association that has been active in Brazil for around 13 years.

MTM’s main purpose is the protection of human rights and the well-being and emancipation of the individual in all aspects, through making people aware of the important issues relating to underdevelopment and social, economic, cultural and religious discrimination, to which a large part of the global population is subjected.

MTM aims to be a reference point, that is neither unique nor indispensable, but one among a group of associations that nurtures kind, sympathetic and collaborative relationships with anyone who has the good of mankind at heart. We also try to do what we can to positively help the poor and to encourage the rich to live, think and act in a moral and charitable way.

The association achieves these goals through:

  • Study groups, meetings, readings and debates;
  • Links and collaboration with other organisations, such as religious and secular movements, dioceses, missionary centres and various other institutions.

The above mentioned activities and projects are carried out mainly through the help of our supporters, who do not receive any form of wage whatsoever.

To achieve our goals Modena Terzo Mondo makes use of the following funds and resources:

  • Financial means deriving from members’ contributions, private donations and potential public contributions.
  • Cultural resources deriving from our links with other similar movements, with schools, institutions, cultural centres and the mass media.
  • Human resources deriving from our social aid volunteers.
  • Training resources deriving from our links with pastoral and community institutions involved in education.

Membership to the association is unlimited and open to everyone with goodwill who wants to engage themselves in aid volunteering.
Modena Terzo Mondo’s Council