We are committed to building a fairer world, where everyone can live with dignity, respect and equal rights.

Modena Terzo Mondo Onlus (MTM) is a not-for-profit international aid association which was founded in 1994 as a result of a few individuals who had been volunteering of their own accord in Brazil for a number of years.
Since then MTM has supported projects that above all aim to help children in centres that are built or maintained by the association. In total there are more than 5,000 children who benefit from our work.

MTM’s main purpose is the protection of human rights and the well-being and emancipation of the individual in all aspects, through making people aware of the important issues relating to underdevelopment and social, economic, cultural and religious discrimination, to which a large part of the global population is subjected. What constantly motivates us is the endeavour to change the general mentality, and our members tend to get a new outlook on the situation in Brazil by experiencing, appreciating and sharing it.

At the crux of this mentality are the Christian values present in everyone who has peace, justice, fraternity and solidarity at heart, regardless of their religious, political or social orientation.

MTM aims to be a reference point, that is neither unique nor indispensable, but one among a group of associations that nurtures kind, sympathetic and collaborative relationships with anyone who has the good of mankind at heart. We also try to do what we can to positively help the poor and to encourage the rich to live, think and act in a moral and charitable way.

Lucca Mucci and Andrea Di Paolo explain the association’s goal: “to create a world where everyone can eat breakfast in the morning, lunch at midday and dinner in the evening, where everyone can study, play, be cured if they are ill and not be forced into begging, crime and prostitution”.

MTM is highly involved in the international campaign “Stop Child Sex Tourism” in Brazil, which it helped to found, and also in the Brazilian government’s projects “Fome Zero”and “Zero Sede” (which translate as “Zero Hunger” and “Zero Thirst”). The 40 other projects that MTM supports in general revolve around: education (11 schools), human rights and employment (6 centres), farming (5 facilities), health (3 facilities including 1 hospital), emancipation and social support (8 centres), sport and youth support (8 centres). There are also welcome houses, recovery centres, waste recycling initiatives, and canteens, among others.

Every year MTM offers adults of all ages the experience of volunteering in the communities and centres we support in Brazil. Over 400 volunteers have generously offered their time and effort to various projects in Brazil.

This year around 350 new members have joined our long-distance aid efforts, including invaluable contributions from several private and public organisations (such as the region of Emilia Romagna, the province of Modena and many other towns).

In Modena MTM organises initiatives and activities to raise awareness of the issues we combat, it co-ordinates with the town and province of Modena, it has promoted the Festival of International Cooperation and Aid and it has contributed to the magazine “Modena Cooperazione” from its very beginning.